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The Hellenic Immigrant Forum (EFM) is a network of immigrant organizations and communities in Greece. It operates as a secondary association, was founded in September 2002, and its members today number about 40 collectives.


Our main goal is to defend the rights of immigrants and equal employment and social integration.


To achieve our goal, we activate and act towards the following sub-goals:

  1. EQUAL RIGHTS: Promoting the change of the Greek & European legal framework and the policies that are applied.
  2. SOCIAL COHESION: Promoting communication, cooperation and understanding between immigrant communities and Greek Civil Society.
  3. NEW CITIZEN: Empowerment of immigrants and their organizations to promote their integration with individual and collective responsibility.
  4. AGAINST DISCRIMINATION: Contributing to the fight against discrimination and racism.

For the implementation of our project and actions we are active in three different, but interconnected, places: in the communities of the immigrants themselves, within the Greek society, and opposite the Greek State, with its institutions and bodies.

Regarding immigrants, we contribute:

  • in defending rights and tackling their problems individually and collectively
  • in the promotion of their proposals and requests and in the representation in the public debate with the representatives of the State and its institutions, the political and social bodies
  • in the development of relations of cooperation and solidarity between the immigrant communities that exist in Greece
  • in the self-organization of the communities and in the training of their executives in order to act actively and responsibly for their equal integration and participation in the Greek society

Regarding the Greek society, we take care of:

  • the development of actions to combat racism and xenophobia
  • promoting the values ​​of multiculturalism, democratic coexistence, social justice and equal participation in
  • the cooperation with Non-Governmental Organizations, Trade Unions and Social Bodies and Social Organizations
  • participation in research, information, training and awareness-raising activities of Greek society, either as a collective body of immigrant communities or jointly with collaborating social partners both in Greece and at European or international level.

Regarding the Greek State, we are strongly active for:

  • to contribute to the improvement of immigrant policies and to strengthen their participation in dialogue and decision-making processes on matters concerning them
  • the preparation and elaboration of proposals and the use of tools such as memos, press conferences, demonstrations, meetings with the competent ministries, etc., in order to achieve the individual objectives
  • participation in the improvement not only of the immigration law, but of the whole range of laws, regulations and provisions that affect the daily life of immigrants, from whatever body or institution of the State they originate.

Cooperation and constructive public dialogue between these three areas are necessary preconditions for achieving our goal, as it requires both the active participation of immigrant communities and acceptance by Greek society, as well as the institutional framework set by the State, to ultimately lead a multicultural society to harmonious coexistence and progress.

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