Horizon Center


Horizon Center is an educational center for young refugees, where they can participate in a series of workshops and classes. Students are introduced to using technology and expressing their creativity. Design classes, computer classes, electronics, carpentry and sewing workshops, and 3D printing are some of the classes offered at the Horizon Center for young refugees.

All workshops are held in collaboration with the MITD-Lab and are based on the CreativeCapacityBuilding methodology, in which students build their creativity as well as their ability to solve problems. At the same time, psychosocial support and Greek and English lessons are key components of the program.

We are also continuing for the 5th year our educational program entitled Creative Problem Solving, to which we have added another stage as a continuation of our educational program, entitled Integration & Employability.

Participation/referral information

Registration can be done in person at Horizon Center by the beneficiary who is interested at participating at the program. ID is needed.

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