Online Movement - Healing space for women

General Information

Population Groups
Refugee / immigrant population
  • Women & Girls 
  • Adults
Days / Hours of service
  • Tuesday @ 12:30-14:45
Supported languages


RTI’s therapists currently provide collective healing options to support women over 18.

These spaces support participants to feel as part of a supportive community, to learn psychoeducation about trauma symptoms and to make sense of their feelings and experiences.

They will also develop safe grounding and regulating (self-soothing) strategies to feel safer in their bodies, more at ease, resilient and empowered. The space is facilitated by trained psychotherapists who are experienced in working with trauma.

WHAT IS IT? A movement and arts-based collective healing group with RTI’s dance and movement therapist. This group helps women connect as a community, explore and develop a sense of safety in their bodies, and learn tools for grounding, relaxation, creating energy and activation as needed.

WHO FOR? Female asylum seekers/refugees, 18+ living in Greece

WHEN? Tuesdays 12:30-14:45 (Greece time), online

(1) Basic knowledge of English and/or Greek
(2) Enough data to join a zoom (digital) call for 1.5 hours.
If not, RTI can provide you with data so you can join weekly
(3) Available at this time every Tuesday
(4) Able to be in a space that is private and enough battery
every Tuesday

Participation/referral information

If you are interested contact Marianna, RTI’s Dance and Movement Therapist: [email protected] or +306979993808

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