Gender-based violence management service

General Information

Population Groups
Refugee / immigrant population
  • Survivors of gender-based violence
  • Survivors of human trafficking
Days / Hours of service
  • Monday to Friday: 10:00 - 17:00
Supported languages


Psychosocial and legal services for the management of cases of gender-based violence in the urban fabric of Athens, whether they concern adult men, women or even LGBTQI + individuals as well as adolescents (> 16 years old).

Holistic case management includes legal support and representation, psychosocial support and empowerment as well as actions to ensure the safety of survivors (escort, mediation, referrals to public / local services such as health, safety, social care, shelters, and case monitoring).

What kind of services Diotima’s service in Athens takes over:

• Our service supports survivors of Gender Based Violence, women, men and LGBTQI+ individuals, above 16 years old.
• Necessary prerequisite that the GBV incident has happened during the last year before the referral.
• We support cases that communicate in languages that we have interpretation for: from and to English, French, Arabic, Farsi, Sorani.
• We support beneficiaries that reside in urban Athens (not in camps).
• DIOTIMA does not have an accommodation structure. Our beneficiaries are referred to other actors running safe accommodation shelters for GBV survivors.
Every action requires that the beneficiaries have given their informed consent. In particular (informed consent).

• Regarding the Psychosocial Service the following criteria apply: We take over:

1) Individual sessions with GBV survivors regarding the GBV incident
2) Referrals to safe shelters of the General Secretariat for Demography and Family Policy and Gender Equality for women GBV survivors and necessary actions to ensure the safety of survivors
3) Referrals for safe accommodation and other services depending on the needs that may arise and are related to the incident of gender-based violence
4)Referrals to Diotima’s legal team
and direct cooperation to ensure a holistic approach to the case
5) Drafting of psychosocial reports for the support of asylum cases of GBV survivors that are already our beneficiaries
6) Drafting of NRM reports for trafficking cases

Email: [email protected]

• Regarding the Legal Service the following criteria apply: We take over:

1) Requests for specialized GBV legal consulting
2) Requests for legal support in penal cases that concern domestic violence or other forms of GBV (penal law suits in Police Stations or before the Public Prosecutor and legal representation in the related penal trials)
3) Requests for legal support for victims of THB
4) Requests for issuing residence permit for humanitarian reasons (for survivors of domestic violence or other sexual crimes)
5) Requests for urgent interim measures for custody assignment/removal of the perpetrator etc.
6) Requests for divorce for recognized refugees
7) Support in the asylum procedure with a claim that is strictly related with GBV, as follows:

➢ First degree interview (as long as the referral has been received at least two months before the interview date)
➢ Depending on the case, appeal for the examination in the second degree
➢ Depending on the case, applications for annulment before the Asylum Service

➢ Cases with geographical ban will be undertaken only if the PoC fulfil criteria. These criteria are:
✓ holding public documents that certify vulnerability (motherhood, pregnancy etc.) or serious health problems (indicatively: Public Hospital ’s documents) or sexual or physical abuse (indicatively: Public Hospital ’s documents or copy of a penal law suit, or copy of a forensic examination)
✓ receiving support services from state agencies, regarding housing, drug detoxification etc. that can be offered only in the mainland

8) The legal team cannot undertake:
➢ Applications for annulment following a rejection in second degree, but only selectively and especially for Diotima’s beneficiaries, or exemplary cases that are referred from other Actors, after a screening of the legal service.
➢ Cases that concern detention
➢ Cases concerning family reunification
➢ Escorting in the Asylum Service or the RAOS for support in administrative matters (i.e.: renewal of asylum seeker’s card, delivery of asylum decisions, issuance of travel documents, etc.).

Email: [email protected]

In addition, we work with other organizations / agencies to provide refugee / gender information meetings in relation to Gender-Based Violence, as well as further training of refugee women and men interested in deepening how they can support survivors / survivors they identify in their environment, so that they can contact the available support services
(in case of interest: [email protected]).

Participation/referral information

For refferals, email to [email protected] attaching the referral form with key information. The form is available as a link, directly here-under. An appointment is required.

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