DIGIMI – Digital storytelling for Migrants’ Integration

The Educational Organization EUROTraining implements the European program “DIGIMI – Digital storytelling for Migrants’ Integration AMIF-957777”, which is financed through the AMIF program of the European Commission. “DIGIMI” is an effort of ten cooperating European partners to create more favorable conditions towards the integration of newly arrived third country nationals, through the participation of local communities and the creation of digital histories.

As part of “DIGIMI”, an educational two-day event is being organized, which is aimed at professionals in the field of social inclusion (social workers, teachers, NGOs) and will take place on September 28 (live) & 29 (online) in the conference room of EUROTraining, in 1 Veranzerou Street, 8th floor, Kaningos Square, Athens. The purpose of the two-day workshop is to familiarize the participants with the DIGIMI material, so that they can use it themselves and the groups of beneficiaries they work with.

At the same time, the participating professionals of the two-day event will be given the option to invite or accompany interested members of the target groups they work with, to the World Cafe event, an interactive workshop with snacks and coffee, on Wednesday October 12 at 18:00 .

Alongside the World Cafe, the material will be available for study and use by those who wish to apply it themselves in their own place/time after consultation with EUROTraining for guidance until the end of October.

Interested professionals register here.