“Back to school”: The info session for Ukrainian parents was successfully completed

The info session aimed at informing Ukrainian parents about the school registration procedures was successfully completed on Monday. About 40 parents had the opportunity to be informed about topics such as the selection of school and the necessary supporting documents, pediatric screening, vaccination and access to health services as well as preparing the child for the new school year.

Support doesn’t stop here: parents will  receive additional support by the participant NGOs on issues such as children’s vaccination and interpretation in the classroom.

The event was organized by the ACCMR of the Municipality of Athens in collaboration with the Migrant Integration Center of the Municipality of Athens – KEM. Doctors Without Borders, Elix-Volunteer Work Programs and METAdrasi collaborated for the implementation.

The initiative was supported by the Union of Ukrainian Women in Greece.

The Wind of Renewal has provided Welcommon Hostel free of charge.