Springtime initiatives from the ACCMR network


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Learn about new listings at www. accmr. gr and do not forget to consult the platform for services, activities and open calls from bodies active in the field of social care and integration of vulnerable groups and refugee/immigrant population.


The following list will be updated regularly with new entries during the March-May period.




  • Service mapping due to COVID-19


The Coordination Centre of the Municipality of Athens on Migrant and Refugee Issues (ACCMR) responding to the needs created by the new traffic restriction measures, continues the mapping of services and initiatives aimed at properly informing those who work together with refugees and migrants, and beneficiaries (available mapping languages Greek and English).


  • 7th ACCMR Forum: Large Participation & Intent for More Effective Cooperation


The Coordination Center of the Municipality of Athens on Immigrant & Immigrant Issues The 7th plenary session of the ACCMR was held online on Wednesday 10 March 2021, with the participation of 60 representatives of ACCMR member bodies. With the completion of four years of operation, ACCMR confirms and strengthens its role as a coordinating body, facilitating communication between municipal agencies and organisations and contributing to the development of targeted interventions for equal access for refugees and migrants in the city to services and opportunities for integration.


  • Women’s Day 2021: Violence does not discriminate, neither do we!


The event on“Women’s Day 2021: Violence does not discriminate, nor do we! » of the Committee of the Coordination Centre of the Municipality of Athens on Issues of Migrants and Refugees ACCMR covering issues of gender violence and discrimination, was completed with great success.


  • The Network of Cities for Integration is expanding and sharing stories of participation!


The Network of Cities for Integration, with its 2nd newsletter, welcomes a period of change and creative challenges, now numbering 17 members.


  • Network of Cities for Integration: Strengthening human resources in cooperation with Babel and THE KMOP


Within the framework of the action of the Network of Cities for Integration, the Coordination Centre of the Municipality of Athens on issues of Migrants and Refugees – ACCMR in cooperation with specialized bodies organizes closed training seminars for professionals, working in municipal structures and programs.


  • Conference on “Education and Volunteering: Motivations, Challenges and Benefits”


The Training Department and the METAdrasi Volunteer Club invites you to an online conference that will take place via the Webex app on Thursday 13 May 2021. Hours: 11:00 – 14:00. To confirm your participation in the conference, please follow the link.


  • Exploring our cities


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) launched the group photography exhibition “Exploring Our Cities”, with works by 38 amateur photographers, Greeks and refugees who have found a new home in Greece. At exploringourcities. com/, the public can enjoy the creations and be informed about the exhibition and participants.


  • Potentials & Limitations of Subnational Responses to the Migrant Question


Inter Alia organized an international conference to bring together mayors and local representatives responsible for European immigration policy, representatives of international city networks, scholars, academics, and civil society representatives aiming at jointly formulating requests for a new framework for managing the refugee/immigration issue in a sustainable and humane way. The panel on “Policies of Segregation – Policies of Integration: Towards a Comprehensive Policy Framework Including Localities” was attended by the Mandated Municipal Councelor for the Refugee, Ms. Melina Daskalaki (Friday, March 5, 10: 30-12: 00) and the panel on “The Migrant Question and the Principle of Subsidiarity: Tensions and Rapprochements” (Thursday, March 4, 10:15 – 12:00) was attended by ACCMR and the City Network for Integration. You may watch the conference on the Facebook page.


  • The city of Karditsa as a particularly positive example in the Greek reality

The city of Karditsa, a member of the Network of Cities for Integration in which the Municipality of Athens also participate, in a recent article by SOLOMON mag is emerging as a particularly positive example of the Greek reality regarding the integration of refugees into the labour market. More information here.  




  • The Municipal Clinics of the Municipality of Athens teach you to do the self tests safely and validly


From Monday, April 12th, citizens who have obtained the individual self test from the pharmacy, have the opportunity to come by appointment to the Municipal Clinics, in order to be demonstrated the use and operation of the test by the health professionals and the nursing staff of the Municipal Clinics. More information here.


  • Preparatory seminars for the examinations for the acquisition of Greek citizenship


The Centre for the Integration of Immigrants (KEM) of the Municipality of Athens and the award-winning author Soti Triantafyllou will offer refugees and migrants, from April 2021, a series of preparatory seminars on this year’s examinations for the acquisition of Greek citizenship. More information here.


  • The first Women’s Advisory Centre is created in Athens


The creation of a modern women’s advisory centre was announced on the International Day for Women’s Rights, by the Mayor of Athens Costas Bakoyannis. More information here.


  • Within the framework of co-Athens part of the European pilot program Curing the Limbo of the Municipality of Athens, a series of open activities are organized, which are aimed at a sustainable and inclusive city.


AfroFitness | Fitness Classes: come to AfroFitness, a fitness program that combines traditional African dance moves of intensity and duration with modern dance moves. More information here.


Artistic workshop “Rebuilding life: art raft/ upcycling”: The street magazine “raft” invites us on May 12th to learn the value of creative recycling through an upcycling workshop, as part of the educational activities of Sport For Athens.


Sabar Bar: Welcome to our cart! a collaboration of Co-Athens/Curing the Limbo of the Municipality of Athens with Fabrica Athens, Vasia Balkaniotis, Muhammad Tayeb, Momina Algaga and Yaman Junaid who will grind this year the Exarchia until 31th of May, looking for local stories which he will co-narrate, turning them into multinational songs for the region! More information here.


– Online theater workshops for Exarchia: The theater workshops will be conducted in English and Greek and are addressed to people of all nationalities, with an interest in the neighborhood of Exarchia. Meetings will take place via the zoom platform. More information here.


– Athens Niroo Community: The goal of Athens Niroo Community is for Greeks and refugees to participate actively in the production of clean energy, through a series of activities such as experiential workshops for the construction of improvised photovoltaic panels, participatory planning workshops, as well as other activities to familiarize citizens with the social and technical dimensions of Renewable Energy Sources. More information here.


Reading DiverCity / We record stories of children from Victoria and Exarchia: Reading Diversity’s work is to create a documentary through experiential oral chronicles of children – refugees, but also Greeks living in the neighborhood of Victoria Square and Exarchia.The documentary will record the daily lives of children, as well as the difficulties and possibilities of integrating and connecting them with people living in the same neighborhood. Soon you will meet the team in Victoria Square with the camera in hand and microphones on! More information here.


– Sport for Athens: The Organization Earth, Diogenes NGO and the Syrian Greek Youth Forum are taking part in activities within the framework of co-Athens that will take place until 31 May and will move in three axes: organizing sports activities and games open to all, guided tours aimed at highlighting the social dimension of sport and the use of sport as a tool for positive social change as well as organising events to inform the public about the objectives and results of the programme while organising workshops on intercultural and environmental education.


– Social Circus Athens: An intercultural initiative within the framework of co-Athens based on the techniques and art of the circus aimed at communication and connection between locals and refugees in the areas of Kerameikos and Metaxourgio, but also more widely. From 1 April to 15 June.


  • Instructions for Self – testing | Refugee info


On the Refugee Info website, you can find information about the application of self-diagnostic tests for covid-19 in English, Farsi, Arabic, Urdu (in progress) according to the instructions in gov. gr. You will also find the list of public services where second rapid tests take place here (in Greek) and here in English with links on the map. For relevant information: https://www. facebook. com/refugee. info.


  • Symviosis was honored with the European Citizen’s Prize for 2020


The European Parliament honored Symviosis, a member of ACCMR, with The European Citizen’s Prize for 2020 for the services of the School of Political Studies in Greece, which it has established in cooperation with the Council of Europe.


  •  World Anti-Obesity Day


The Department of Preventive Medicine, Health Promotion & Public Health of the Directorate of Municipal Clinics & Public Health, organized for the World Anti-Obesity Day an online informational speech (webinar) with the participation of reputable scientists. You can watch it via Youtube.


  • “WelcomeThrough Football” a programme for refugee children


Athens Comics Library cooperates with PAE S.A. in the European Program Welcome Through Football implemented from 2019 in different countries in cooperation with leading football clubs. For questions and information: contact@athenscomicslibrary. gr Contact number: 6983050292


  • Sales Techniques – vocational training programme


Odyssea Sales Techniques training program teaches participants sales techniques so that they can better understand customer needs, acquire communication skills and thus improve their interaction with customers. Register here until April 30th.


  • Start a business with Odyssea and ALBA


Entrepreneurship Scholarships allow beneficiaries to build business knowledge and skills for free for a year, so that they can set up their own new businesses. More information here.


  • Access is here: Come along!


The Network for the Rights of the Children is pleased to announce the official launch of the Prosvasis project with actions focused on the following axes: psychosocial and legal support, work counselling, access to education, training opportunities and informal apprenticeships, interconnection with working reality, participation in advocacy and public intervention actions. More information here.


  • Event on the role of local government in the integration of refugees and migrants

The discussion was organized by the Hellenic Refugee Forum on the online zoom platform and is available here by the advocacy group on Facebook.


  • Planet G(reece) from Exile Room

Do you think cinema is exclusively a Hollywood affair? Do you think the documentaries are just boring TV shows? Planet G(reece), the new educational program of Exile Room for teenagers, undertakes to change your mind, proving that the documentary is the ideal means to tell your own story with the means at your disposal, while at the same time getting you in touch with some exciting professions worth getting to know better!