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 The Department of Communication and Media Studies (EKPA) conducts research on ‘Black Lives Matter: everyday politics, cultural practices and popular culture among Black women and teenage girls in Athens’, with the aim of better understanding the daily life and culture of African descent women, aged 13-17 and 30-45, living in Athens. 

In this context, Greeks and migrants with African origins are invited to participate in the submission of questionnaires and stories.

This is a research carried out with the support of the Onassis Foundation by Liza Tsaliki, Professor, Dept of Communication and Media Studies, Despina Chronaki, Dr, Adjunct Lecturer at the Dept of Communication and Media Studies and Olga Derzioti, Ph.D. candidate at the Dept of Communication and Media Studies.

The research includes three categories of actions: 1. Interviews with women (mothers) and teenage girls of African descent, but also with their Greek neighbours. 2. Online questionnaire addressed to Greeks in order to record the views of Greeks towards migrant women of African descent. 3. Online story completion, aimed at both Greek and the African community, with the aim of exploring the different ways in which both Greeks and people of African descent think and speak about the African community.

Find the relevant links below, learn more & take part:

1. Questionnaire form of attitudes and perceptions towards migrant women with African origins – To be completed by the Greek public in Greek:

2. Story form to be completed by African communities and Greek audience in Greek, English and French:

– Greek:

– French: 

– English:

This research task adheres to the Good Practice and Ethics Code of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.