The Bahar project: Many recipes, one city – The Book

The Bahar recipes & stories book is now available in English! 

The Athens Coordination Center for Migrant and Refugee issues in cooperation with ActionAid Hellas present the book “The Bahar project: Many recipes, one city”!

Cooking can take us on a journey of discovery and knowledge. It has also the unique power to bring people together wherever they come from. This is what happened when women who live in Athens were invited to cook in a feast of flavours and cultural exchange. This event was part of the actions performed under the “Athens 2018: World Book Capital City”. 

Active and creative, migrant, refugee and Greek nationality women, cooked with a hearty dose of love and gave the visitors the opportunity to taste dishes from Greece and abroad, get to know each other, dance and have fun, regardless of their nationality. Special thanks to Melissa Network of Migrant Women in Greece for its support throughout the project. 

The book “The Bahar Project: Many recipes, one city” presents 12 of the recipes prepared during those feasts as well as the stories that cooks shared with us. 

According to Hanna from Ukraine, an active member of Melissa Network for migrant and refugee women living in Greece, cooking is linked with family. “Cooking reminds me of family. That we were, that we lived as one big, loving and happy”, says.

My daughter plays with all the other kids at school, no matter where they come from, and I encourage her to do that. Soon enough, she’ll go to university with these kids, they’ll spend an entire lifetime together, they need to communicate“, says Spyridoula who is living in Kolonos area, a multicultural neighbouhood of Athens. 

You can download the book  HERE

This book has been authored by the Athens Coordination Center for Migrant & Refugee issues (ACCMR) with the support of ActionAid Hellas.  The publication has been produced within the framework of the “SDG’s and Migration – Multipliers and Journalists addressing Decision Makers and Citizens in the EU” three-year project, financed by the European Commission. This programme aims to inform about and raise awareness of sustainable development goals, migration and the ways the two are connected.