Measures and initiatives of the City of Athens to protect public health

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The City of Athens, in an effort to protect the public health of its residents and visitors to the maximum extent and following the decisions of the Ministry of Health and the National Public Health Organization, is undertaking a series of new measures. 

Below you can find the measures that affect the services and activities posted on the ACCMR digital platform.

More specifically:

1. The two Community Centers of the City of Athens (Agiou Konstantinou, Maizonos & Psaron) suspend their operation from Monday 16 March and for the next 14 days. Regarding the operation of the Migrant Integration Center (KEM), located in Maisonos & Psaron, has also suspended its operation. For more information contact the following phone number: 213 2082998.

2. Following the consultation and cooperation of the Municipality of Athens with EODY from Monday, March 16th, the Municipal Health Clinic located in the 5th Municipal District (Sarantaporou 4 – Ano Patisia) becomes a medical office for the control of citizens in relation to the coronavirus. EODY will coordinate its operation. Citizens will contact EODY at 210 – 5212054 to be referred to the specially designated Medical Center following an appointment arrangement. Citizens who use the services of this municipal medical office for other health issues will be served by the other five municipal medical offices. At the same time, a number of other venues of the Municipality of Athens are available to EODY, in all municipal districts.

3. The services of the Center for Reception and Solidarity of the Municipality of Athens (KYADA), which distributes food, suspends its operation until the end of circulation ban. In the interim, there will be a weekly supply of a sufficient amount of long-lasting foods to registered beneficiaries.

4. Athens 9.84 Radio Station provides information on coronavirus in 8 foreign languages in addition to Greek, namely English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic and Chinese, with Afghan and Pakistani to be added in the coming days. Spots are being broadcasted every one hour from the city station and they are available on demand and free of charge to other municipal stations. In you need to utilize the spots, contact 210-3409254 and 210-3409300. 

5. First aid and psychological support hotlines are provided by the Municipality of Athens. Supported languages: Greek. For more info (in Greek) see here:

6. After a few days of pilot implementation to ensure its full effectiveness, the Municipality of Athens launches the “Voitheia sto Spiti plus” program. The Municipality of Athens, with the support of specialists, designed a special mechanism for receiving and processing requests from residents of Athens, who belong to the vulnerable groups. With a phone call to 1595 or 210-5277000 they can report their needs which will be recorded and evaluated by a team of experts. Then the people of the Municipality of Athens will visit our fellow citizens in need to provide services. The program, based on the structures of “Voitheia sto Spiti” program, is enhanced with additional services due to the coronavirus pandemic and the circulation ban. Specifically it provides counseling and psychological support, nursing care, family support, and is now enhanced with home-based supplies such as medicines and food. Supported language: Greek. For more info (in Greek):

7. Voluntary Blood Donation by the Municipality of Athens (In collaboration with the National Blood Donation Center & the “Evangelismos General Hospital”): 

 3 & 5 April

Solonos 78, 1st Municipal Clinic, 2103626587:

Friday 3/4, 13.00 – 18.00,

Saturday & Sunday, 9.00 – 14.00

13 & 14 April

Agias Sofias & Propodidos, 4th Municipal Clinic of Kolonos, 2105121921: 13.00-18.00

23 & 24 April

Fanosthenous & Friderikou Smith, 2nd Municipal Clinic of Neos Kosmos, 2109239865: 13.00- 18.00

For your convenience, you are kindly requested to contact the Municipal Clinics over the phone.
Press Release (in Greek):

8. All scheduled events at Serafio are postponed. 

The Municipality of Athens, in constant cooperation and in line with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and EODY, implements a daily plan for the protection of Athens residents and visitors, as well as for employees in the Municipality. 

For the complete list of 14 meters and interventions of the Municipality of Athens see here (in Greek).

For useful information that promotes protection and prevention see here