Presentation of the zine magazine "Majalediko", published by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

On Wednesday, June 7, 2023 at 19:00 at Romantso (Anaxagoras 3, ground floor hall) the presentation of the Zine magazine “Majalediko” will take place, published by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Greece Branch in collaboration with Εmantes.

Majalediko is a magazine inspired by former members of the “Lgbtqia+ Refugees Welcome” collective, most of whom are now outside Greece, but it was this group that started the processes of creating Εmantes. Émantes managed to bring this idea back, which was eventually implemented by younger members of the LGBT+ refugee community. It took seven community editors, two coordinators, three guest instructors, three interpreters and thirty hours of total work to create the final material.

The main purpose of this edition is to highlight and focus on human resilience and life that goes on. To highlight the power that is drawn when we are together in safe and solidarity spaces.

The LGBT+ refugee community is alive, it’s here and it invites you to meet it.

The presentation of the publication will take place in Greek and there will be a translation in Farsi.

The discussion will be moderated by Lia Zachariadis, coordinator of the editorial team of Emantes.


Sofia Zachariadis: coordinator of the editorial team of Emantes, photographer Tabassom Latifi: member of the editorial team, Andromachi Kokkinou: Creator of self-publishing (zines), Maria Tripolitou: Philologist, Ms/ Presenter of creative writing seminars