ARIADNE 2: closing conference

The Consortium of the ARIADNE2 Project: Developing and supporting cross-sectoral police reporting processes to prevent and address domestic violence against migrant/refugee women, co-funded by the European Union, invites you to the closing conference it will hold online on Monday 12 September 2022 and hours 11.00 am – 16.00 am

Taking advantage of the experience gained from the ARIADNE 1 Project and with the aim of capitalizing on its results, K.ME.A. as Coordinating Body, implements from 15/4/2020 the co-financed by the EU. Project entitled “ARIADNE 2: Developing and supporting multidisciplinary police reporting procedures to prevent and respond to domestic violence against migrant / refugee women” (GA no 881702 – ARIADNE2 / REC PROGRAMME 2014 – 2020).

The purpose of the ARIADNE 2 Project is to support the officers working in the newly established Domestic Violence Offices of the Greek Police, in 3 Regions of the country (Attica, Thessaly and Central Macedonia). Specifically, ARIADNE 2 aims to strengthen the police reporting procedures for incidents of domestic violence with immigrant/refugee victims.

The specific objectives of the Project are:

The protection of victims through the development of relationships of trust and cooperation with the Police Authorities.
The strengthening of the connection between the Police Authorities and aid and support structures for immigrant / refugee women who have experienced domestic violence.
The support of the police during the process of managing incidents of domestic violence involving immigrant/refugee women.