The F2L team aims to connect organizations working in asylum systems, integration programs and support to victims of trafficking across Italy, Greece, and Poland to increase the ability of their frontline staff, as well as public and private networks, in the early identification of victims of e-trafficking.

One of our main objectives is to equip frontline staff with updated and accessible information on e-trafficking. To achieve that, the F2L team launched a survey in early 2021 and collected the training needs of more than 200 professionals across Greece, Italy, and Poland (see findings at the report).

Based on the responses, our team managed to develop tailor-made educational materials and provide training to more than 124 professionals in Greece and Italy since November 2021.

All training materials are now available on the F2L online Platform including all 3 modules, open guides, video tutorials and self-evaluation quizzes.

Sign up now and make use of the resources we have prepared, including:

  • A definition and legal framework of trafficking in human beings
  • E-trafficking: a criminological overview on the digitalization of human trafficking
  • Operational tools for prevention and early identification of potential victims of e-trafficking
  • Psychosocial aspects in the process of identification and support of trafficking/e-trafficking victims

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Free2Link is a 2-year project co-funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020). It is implemented by Progetto Tenda (Italy), DRC Greece, LABC (Italy) and CWEP (Poland) – a team of European organizations expert in human rights, trafficking and Information Technology.

Contact: [email protected]