"Fill the Bracket" manual: from bracketing to neo-normality.

Imprints of experiences & brief directions for the psychosocial well-being of workers in the refugee field during the pandemic.

Fill the Bracket is a handbook aimed at supporting professionals working in the refugee field during the covid-19 pandemic. It is an attempt by COMPASS for Refugee Youth to capture the mental connections and constructions that maintain mental homeostasis against a condition of openness and threat, through the words of the people themselves who work in the field.

Information about the content and purpose of Fill the Bracket
The manual is divided into three parts. The first part includes selected excerpts from interviews conducted with professionals in the field, about the experience of the restrictive measures due to the pandemic and the consequent effects – adjustments to life and work. In the second part, thoughts of reflection and analysis follow from the COMPASS team on the material of the narratives. The third part consists of some brief tips for managing the challenges associated with working during the pandemic, with the aim of promoting the psychosocial well-being of workers and volunteers in the refugee field.

To date readers of Fill the Bracket have reported that they find it a useful tool for professionals, finding particular interest in the different sections and the way the information is presented. In October 2021, our team completed the translation of the handbook into English, in an effort to maximize the impact of the material, making it available to the community of professionals and volunteers who are active in the refugee field in Greece at this time and do not have Greek as a first language (interpreters/cultural mediators, workers in international Organizations, volunteers from different countries of the world).

You can view and save the manual “Fill the Bracket: From Bracket to Neo-Normal” in pdf format at the following links:

Greek: https://mailchi.mp/faefa5b204e5/fill-the-bracket-booklet-download
English: https://mailchi.mp/1a40cb2d582b/fill-the-bracket-booklet-english-download

Information about COMPASS for Refugee Youth
COMPASS for Refugee Youth (Community, Psychological And Social Support) is an Urban Non-Profit Company, based in Athens, with the aim of providing psychosocial support to vulnerable social groups and, more specifically, the refugee population. The mission of COMPASS is the psychosocial support of teenagers and young refugees (13-26 years old) and their support network. The group’s vision is to empower and support young refugees, to promote and strengthen mental health and individual and community psychosocial well-being.

Indicatively, the action of COMPASS for Refugee Youth includes: groups to empower the refugee population (prevention, psychoeducation, revitalization), interventions in the community (awareness, information), info-sessions for refugees and for professionals who support the refugee population.

Contact info
COMPASS Urban Non-Profit Society for the Psychosocial Support of Vulnerable Groups
Tach. Address: 106 Sygrou Avenue, 11741, Athens
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Compass-for-Refugee-Youth-223312811947408