“Women and Girls Friendly Space

A KMOP initiative

The space is open to women and girls aged 16 and over, of various nationalities who may have experienced/survived abuse, violence or human trafficking and need a place where they can feel safe, socialize with other women and through various activities they will be able to empower themselves and socialize.

The space does not have the status of a shelter or guest house for abused women, a community center or a one-stop service. Rather, it is an environment where participating women will meet in a climate of trust, confidentiality, safety, solidarity, inclusion and cooperation to socialize and take part in activities (dance, film screenings, crafts, trainings). In this space they will also be provided with counseling and psychosocial support, while they will have access to knowledge and resources and will be a point of referrals and connections with Civil Society bodies.

It is noted that there will be a constant update and renewal of activities with external collaborations and with the initiative of the benefited women themselves.

The venue is open on Wednesday and Friday 15:00-17:00, at the ELIX event space (28is Oktovriou, 20, Athens, 2nd floor).

The initiative is implemented in the framework of the European project SAFE HUT – Holding safe spaces for women and girls’ empowerment, which aspires to facilitate the social and work integration of women and girls of third country nationals in a state of vulnerability. The project is implemented by KMOP in collaboration with 6 organizations from Italy (CESIE and Centro Penc), Germany (International Rescue Committee), Lithuania (KOPŽI), Romania (AIDRom) and Bulgaria (Animus Association Foundation).

Participation/referral information

By visiting the space during the hours of operation