Athens Solidarity Center offers a comprehensive set of services to refugees, migrants and Greeks who are in need, such as: Central Social Service: provides social protection services, promote and safeguard inalienable human rights and secure living, through a series of actions in co-operation with other organisations.

  • Psychological support: Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy, Empowerment, Inclusion and Personal Development Groups, Family and Conflict Counseling.
  • Legal support: It covers legal counseling, mediation, and selected court representation.
  • Employment program: Job counseling services, online job search with the help of specialized consultants, group workshops, seminars and networking activities (aimed at strengthening the potential of the unemployed from vulnerable groups to join the job market).
  • Child friendly places (via the the Children's Rights Network) Individual and group pedagogical / creative programs for children, Socialization and learning support groups, Recreational events, Greek and English lessons for parents, Support counseling for parents and children from 3 Up to 12 years old, Loan library, excursions and cultural visits, on-campus educational programs
  • Employability Program: Job consulting services, online job search with the help of specialized consultants, team workshops, seminars and networking activities to strengthen the potential of the unemployed people from vulnerable groups to join the labor market Special Services: Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy (through the Babel Day Center) Perinatal care (through "Fenareti)
  • Asylum Support Services: In September 2015, the Greek Asylum Service began its operations at the Center, with a specific focus on cases of vulnerable persons. The Asylum Service at the Athens Solidarity Center operates on appointments fixed from the headquarters of the Asylum Service.
  • Financial and Accounting service: Provides advice and guidance for the issuance of Tax Registration Number (TIN) and Social Security Registration Number (AMKA), facilitates the acquisition of social benefits and also supports in case of accounting or even tax liabilities. Finally, it provides advice and prepares requests for financial support.

Priority is given to vulnerable groups, with particular emphasis on the service and support of unaccompanied minors Athens Solidarity Center was established through Open Society Foundations and EEA Grants – Norway financial support (EEAGR08.02), in cooperation with the Municipality of Athens until 30.04.2016.


Για Ελληνικά ακολουθήστε τον σύνδεσμο.


Access to service and referral procedure info

Access to the Social Service without prior appointment. Scheduled appointments with lawyers, psychologists, employability officers, accountancy services, depending on the availability of interpreters.

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