METAdrasi created in 2014 the first structured Network of specially trained Guardians in Greece, after several months of cooperation and exchange of expertise and best practices with the Norwegian organization Vergeforeningen Følgesvennen and with the collaboration of organizations participating in the network of “We are all Citizens”, as well as other European Organizations with great experience in the field of guardianship of minors.

The members of the Network are social scientists (psychologists, lawyers, specialists in international law, sociologists, teachers, etc.) with experience in the field of protection of minors and other vulnerable groups. They are people with communicational, cooperational and organizational skills, who also possess great sensitivity, humanism and altruism.

The members of the Guardianship Network, with the written authorization of the competent Public Prosecutor for Minors or the First Instance Public Prosecutor, act for the benefit of minors on issues relating to:

• asylum procedures
• family reunification procedures
• communication with the minors’ family members to determine their best interests
• healthcare
• education
• psychosocial support


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Access to service and referral procedure info

Interested parties can reach the offices of the METAdrasi (25 March 7, Taurus, 1st floor, Kallithea ISAP station, Monday to Friday, 11: 00-17: 00) on their own initiative or through referral.

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