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Information on services provided through the ADDMA “Provision of targeted support and assistance to asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection with disabilities” project

Under the ADDMA “Provision of targeted support and assistance to asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection with disabilities” Project, the Municipality of Athens Development Agency/ADDMA, with the support of UNHCR, seeks to facilitate the access and improve the support provided to asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection (BIP) with disabilities during the process of their inclusion in the social welfare system.

The Project´starget group consists of persons with disabilities (both minors and adults), located in the city of Athens, including those who have long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments, which in interaction with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society. These persons are facing severe difficulties in acquiring information as well as receiving support by the Greek social protection system.

The Project seeks to provide its beneficiaries detailed and accurate information on their specific rights, as well as on the available procedures to be followed in order to access specialized services, receive support to complete disability certification procedures, apply for welfare disability benefits etc. Its ultimate goal isfor its beneficiariesto build on their resilience and overcome barriersthat hinder their full and active participation into the Greek society.

In particular: Service Provision under the specific Project includes the following:

 Information provision and support on accessing available services, including welfare disability allowances, social pharmacies, etc.

 Targeted case management of individuals with disabilities; individual counseling and appropriate referrals to specialized service providers, including interpretation and accompaniment support where necessary

 Provision of assistive devices depending on individual needs (under the condition of the national legislation requirements and procedures)

The Project is implemented by ADDMA in close collaboration with the Migrant Integration Center (KEM) of the Municipality of Athens and its Social Service applies an appointment policy following referrals. 

For additional information/clarifications on the project specifics, please send an email at [email protected]

*The programme is implemented with the support of UNHCR


Program description: images/ADDMA_Disabilities-Inclusive_Project_Information_on_service_provision_Nov_2021_ENGGR-_2_compressed.pdf

Referral Form (EN): images/REFERRAL_FORM__ADDMA_Disabilty_project_English__compressed.pdf

Referral Form (FR): images/REFERRAL_FORM__ADDMA_Disabilty_project_French__compressed.pdf

Refferal Form (FS): images/REFERRAL_FORM__ADDMA_Disabilty_project_Farsi__compressed.pdf

Refferal Form (AR): images/REFERRAL_FORM__ADDMA_Disabilty_project_Arabic__compressed.pdf

Access to service and referral procedure info

Please note that we cannot respond to self-referrals. For referrals please send an email to [email protected] by using the attached referral forms in the appropriate language. Please note that by failing to secure the beneficiary’s consent, the respective ADDMA Project will not be able to further proceed with the casemanagement. Kindly note that interpretation support is available in Arabic, English, Farsi and French.

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