DescriptionIn the context of the project “A step Forward” MDM-EL is operating an Open Reception Center for the medium-term accommodation of vulnerable women asylum seekers and their children, with an individualized approach to the provision of services during the asylum application process. The ultimate goal of the project is to protect and support beneficiaries during the asylum application period, ensuring quality housing standards and all necessary services that may be needed such as psychosocial support, legal counseling, recreational and non formal educational activities, health care, nutrition, security and hygiene.   More specifically, it is an intermediate structure of hospitality and all-day living of women in insecurity with their children. Hospitality is provided to adult homeless women and mothers with their children, with the aim of quickly finding viable solutions for their social inclusion in Greece.   Priority is given to mothers with infants and toddlers, while for women without children, there is no age limit upwards, provided that they have completed the 18th year of their age. For boys from single-parent families, hospitality is possible if they have not reached the age of 14, while for girls there is no age limit.    The project A step forward is implemented in the context of EEA Grants program "Migration and Asylum" and fund operator Sol Crowe in partnership with Human Rights 360.

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Προϋποθέσεις Ένταξης: H ενδιαφερόμενη να είναι αιτούσα άσυλο, γυναίκα μόνη ή μονογονέας με άρρεν τέκνο 14 ετών και θήλυ τέκνο ανεξαρτήτως ηλικίας Άτομο που είναι αυτοεξυπηρετούμενο ή συνοδεύεται από συγγενή που αναλαμβάνει την φροντίδα Τεστ Covid-19 (PCR) 72 ώρες πριν γίνει η τοποθέτηση στη δομή Βεβαίωση για αερογενώς μεταδιδόμενα νοσήματα και σχετική ακτινογραφία θώρακος Δερματολογική εκτίμηση Ψυχιατρική γνωμάτευση

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