What is it?

Community Psychosocial Support (CPW) is a group of refugees trained in a variety of skills and tools including PFA, Problem Management Plus (PM +) and Peer Support Work - PSW) to provide basic psychosocial support to asylum seekers and refugees in their mother tongue. CPWs are supervised by trained psychologists or social workers and constitute a bridge between the community and professional service providers. 

Who do CPWs service?

The community psychosocial workforce services adult refugees and asylum-seekers who live in ESTIA or are self-accommodated in urban settings in Attica, and are:

  • living with mental health conditions;
  • living with emotional distress related to disability (mental health, physical), social isolation or other specific need;
  • elderly and in need of psychosocial support;
  • vulnerable persons who need extra support in order to develop coping skills.


What do CPWs do?

  • assessment of psychological problems and identification of needs;
  • basic psychosocial support;
  • listening, providing emotional support; introducing coping mechanisms to persons living with disabilities;
  • empowerment of persons with specific needs;
  • self-help sessions;
  • co-facilitate sessions with the Municipality and NGO staff;
  • referral to services and liaison for specialized help if needed.

Where do CPWs work?

  • Home visits;
  • Individual or group sessions at community spaces.

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Access to service and referral procedure info

How to refer beneficiaries for CPW support? Please fill in and send the referral form with the subject: Request for CPW to Mrs. Jelena Ratkovic: [email protected] For further information contact: +30-6932415956

Referral Form

Referral Form

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