Municipal Health Clinic network - Directorate of Municipal Health Clinics & Public Health

See here for changes in the City of Athens service program as part of its public health protection measures against coronavirus.

As a Primary Healthcare provider, the Municipal Health Clinic network offers all citizens a range of basic healthcare and social welfare services including:
- Healthcare services which do not require hospital admission

- Assessment of citizens' Health needs, planning, and implementation of measures for illness prevention and health promotion

- Preventive dental care

- Post-hospital care and rehabilitation

- Monitoring of chronically ill patients

- Prescription of medicines (for certain cases)

- Issuing of personal health books for pupils

- Issuing of medical certificates (for certain cases)

The municipality's Microbiological Laboratories conduct the following laboratory tests for citizens, free of charge:

Full Blood Count, Full Urine Exam, BSR, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Urea, Uric acid, Glucose, etc. Also, Pap Tests are carried out at no cost.

  NEW SERVICEHIV test at the 1st Municipal Health Clinic, 5th Municipal Health Clinic and 6th Municipal Health Clinic of Kypseli. The test is conducted in cooperation with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) and is performed with the most reliable and rapid HIV test. It is a high-precision (99%) test that requires a single drop of fingerprick blood. Clients receive the results at the same time, while counseling services are provided both before and after the examination. Rapid HIV testing is provided anonymously every Tuesday and Thursday, 09:00 - 13.00, without an appointment, at the 1st and 5th Municipal Clinic and every Monday and Thursday, 10:00 - 15.00without an appointment, at the 6th Municipal Health Clinic of Kypseli. 

The City of Athens operates 6 Municipal Health Clinics in 6 of the 7 City Districts in an effort to ensure Primary Healthcare services are accessible to all citizens and in close proximity to their home or workplace.

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For information and appointment scheduling, contact by phone Municipal Health Clinics.

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