Goodwill Caravan is non-profit Humanitarian Charity that covers refugee protection projects  including  shelter for vulnerable groups , food, legal and medical support in the UK and Greece. We are registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (registration no 1176314). First aid items also include medical supplies, baby essentials, clothes, shoes, pushchairs, toys, educational materials.




We help vulnerable refugee families, orphans, detained unaccompanied children at risk of organ trade, trafficking and kidnappings if left in detention centres, prisons or homeless on arrival to the Greek islands, we also conduct homeless aid distributions to help local populations including Greek nationals.

Goodwill Caravan supports hundreds of refugees in our shelter projects for vulnerable refugee families. We run sustainable educational and production projects. Our refugee aid trips continue and we monitor families from UK and have people on the ground from several organisations who work hand in hand for continuity of care.

Access to service and referral procedure info

In order to access services, we assess individuals through our vulnerability criteria, their legal status and register them onto our database and support them, usually through referrals, appointments and self-referrals.

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