Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS Hellas) in partnership with the program Ideas Box of Libraries Without Borders (Bibliothéques Sans Frontières) has launched a new program, “Μαγιστορίες - Magistories”, with the aim to foster refugees’ inclusion and social cohesion in Victoria’s neighbourhood.

The Ideas Box is an award-winning innovation: a multimedia-centre in a kit equipped with tablets, computers, home cinema, and with an extensive selection of digital and physical contents systematically adapted to the implementation context (books in different languages, eBooks, videos, applications, board games, educational and recreational material). The Ideas Box also creates a Wi-Fi hotspot on which users can connect with their smartphones or tablets to access thousands of pedagogical, educational and cultural resources.

“Μαγιστορίες - Magistories” is a program that aims at supporting non-formal education, including life-long learning and employability of refugee youth and adults and contributing to protection and psychosocial relief for the youth through the setup of a safe, creative and pedagogical space. The program will also foster the interaction between Greek and refugee youth and adults.

The program started in December 2018 and is housed in JRS Community Hub, Fylis 68. Everyone is welcome to come and register during opening hours. Adults and children follow different programs. Children should be accompanied by a guardian/parent who can visit the Tea Place in the same building during children’s programs.

Besides the space, the equipment and the library, special courses are being provided daily. 

The English workshop will include CV writting, basic computer skills in English (e-mail, word etc), preparation for a job interview in English, movies and discussion in English.

For more information, please contact: Carmen Elisa Bandeo, [email protected], 698 6627123.


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