Having as their main objective to ensure the rights and wellbeing and to improve the health of refugees and asylum seekers, “Seeds of Humanity” members have created a permanent healthcare facility in Athens in order to provide refugees with comprehensive support that will give solutions to their most basic needs. The facility provides primary medical and dental care including triage and appropriate treatment, medication dispensing and education.

Preventive dentistry is also a priority for our clinic. As most of the dental issues we have noticed among the refugees, result from poor oral hygiene, oral hygiene workshops with distribution of dental hygiene products will be organized on a regular basis.

One stable dentist provides treatments in the periods where no other volunteer dentists are available. A team of volunteers dentists and dental assistants from Palestine went and will keep on coming for 5 days a month to Greece in order to provide free, emergency treatment as part of their program ‘’Their health is their right’’. Our trained volunteers are able to provide in depth support to the beneficiaries as they are communicating in the same language and are coming from similar social and cultural backgrounds.

The action points are the following:

- Screening
- Prophylaxis and hygiene instructions especially for children
- Primary medical care by general practitioners on a daily basis and occasionally by pediatricians and gynecologists
- Primary dental care (Fluoridations, filling therapy, root canal treatments, extractions, abscess treatment, first aid treatment in patients incapable of eating due to heavy dental problems).

The infrastructure treats patients who come on their own initiative as well as others who are referred by other humanitarian organizations and various services.

Primary health care services

- Dentist: from Monday to Friday.
- General Practitioner: Every Tuesday
- Pediatrician: Every Monday
- Gynecologist: Every Monday and every second Thursday
Social services are provided daily.

Each service is offered by appointment by sending a message to the following WhatsApp numbers:

- Dental clinic: +30 6992422221
- Medical clinics:
- General Practitioner: +30 6947486324
- Gynecologist and pediatrician: +30 6941499286
- Social services: +30 6941499286


Access to service and referral procedure info

Υou need to book an appointment by sending a written message at Whatsapp number 6992422221, attaching your trifold, id, or just giving your name and surname.

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