Our mission is to educate, integrate and find employment for people from vulnerable groups including refugees, long-term unemployed citizens, and people with disabilities. We deliver a comprehensive education programme in software engineering to provide our students with the tools and opportunities to acquire employment in the technology field.

We are providing: 

  • Coding School (Full Stack Web Development)
  • Wordpress (front end web development)
  • Computer Literacy (basic skills) 

Courses are provided free of charge in the Romantso building in Athens and range in length from 2 weeks to 6.5 months. We provide students with laptops for the duration of the course for them to study and complete assignments. Our volunteer teachers are professional Developers.

Application Link:

As of 11.6.2019 we officially announce the applications' opening for the next coding class, organized in collaboration with Odyssea - Astrol Lab

 The classes will take place in

    • Social Hackers Academy’s classroom, 3 times/week, in the afternoons (8-10pm) from July 2019 - January 2021 (the hard skills trainings) &
    • Odyssea Astro Lab’s classroom (soft skills trainings, will be announced which days-hours)


Για Ελληνικα ακολουθήστε τον σύνδεσμο.

Access to service and referral procedure info

Announcements for the courses / programs we run are communicated through our communication channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Newsletters etc). The application process can be completed by the student individually (Motivation Letter & Online courses) but our office is open all day for queries, guidance and also to provide electronic equipment to our beneficiaries to complete the application process. The only requirement is to speak English as the lessons are done only in this language.

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