The following key activities form part of our work:

We source information: checking dates, legality and rumours, to produce, translate and distribute accurate information for refugees. The information we provide is currently focused on the processes in Greece - from asylum in Greece to family reunification and relocation, support for unaccompanied minors and vulnerable people to appeal against negative decisions. Our work does not replace legal support; it helps asylum seekers orient themselves in the complex asylum procedure while providing the basic information to locate their present phase in the overall process.

We create documents, videos and audio files to get information to refugees in a format that works for them. Many refugees cannot read and this is particularly true of minors. We partner with NGOs and refugees to get into camps, squats and meeting places on the mainland and on the islands to deliver information to refugees directly - to give them the best chance to understand the system and prepare them for the various stages of the asylum procedure. We are currently the only organisation providing useful, relevant and verified information to asylum seekers and refugees in their own mother tongue about the Greek Asylum procedures. Our current library include 62 audios/films covering various information needs.

We conduct research with our partners into accessibility to information, comparison testing for preferred formats, literacy levels and comprehension testing. We have recently conducted some ground-breaking research on the island of Chios. At the request of one of the Paris ground support teams, most recently we have conducted a small local survey to highlight the lack of information provision to asylum seekers. Ask to see our research.

We make films used to train volunteers so that they have an accurate, albeit basic, understanding of the asylum procedure that they can use in their own work and share with asylum seekers and refugees.

We make our output production available in various languages, including English, French, Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Sorani and Kurmanji. Extending our production to the additional languages Turkish and Pashto is part of our short-term strategic goals.

We work with existing actors, seek cooperation and promote synergies. Due to the complexity of the refugee situation in Greece, maintaining a good relationship with authorities and local actors is crucial. In striving for positive collaboration as well as achieving information accuracy, we regularly submit our production for review to our partners and key actors prior to distribution; integrating constructive feedback into our work constitutes a fundamental ingredient of our philosophy. Furthermore, we actively seek strategic partnerships in order to maximize the potential of our reach and to pursue cost-effectiveness, especially critical to ensure that our limited financial means are as much as possible directed to our production.


Για Ελληνικά ακολουθήστε τον σύνδεσμο.


Access to service and referral procedure info

Information is provided in various ways: Website - contains numerous resources in between 5 and 9 languages, in text, video and audio format. Micro SD cards - we provide all of the information on our website in document and film format on micro SD cards via our partners to new arrivals on the Greek Islands. Leaflets Partnerships - we have several partnerships with organisations on the Islands and this is key to distribution of information. Social media - We have an English Facebook page, an arabic Facebook page and a twitter profile. Through our social media, we provide urgent updates to procedures, information from second hand, reliable sources, news about our partners, bite-size pieces of information that help to direct people to the resources on our website and YouTube Channel. Information points - We have several information points in community centres on the Islands and some about to open on the mainland which provide a combination of leaflets, information sessions and film screenings. Contact us on [email protected]

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