Legal Aid Services (including legal representation at court) for female SGBV survivors or women at risk, men, LGBTQI persons and teenagers (over 16 years old), SGBV case management (escorting, mediating, referrals  to public/local services such as health, security, social care, shelters, as well as follow up of cases). The languages mentioned are the languages in which Diotima has its own interpreters. If a beneficiary speaks another language, interpretation services are provided by METAdrasi. 


Για Eλληνικά ακολουθήστε τον σύνδεσμο.


Access to service and referral procedure info

For refferals, email to [email protected] attaching the referral form with key information. The form is available as a link, directly here-under. An appointment is required.

Referral Form

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