Recognized refugees integration program


Recognised Refugee Integration program.

Through an individualized process, the programme aims to empower and enable international protection applicants/holders to become autonomous and enjoy a better quality of life.

The main pillars of the social integration strategies are:

• Learn and gain all necessary administration papers (such as Tax registration number)

• To have legal advice, related to their integration process

• Employability counselling and preparation for the labour market

• Psychosocial support, through engaging to community and city life.

• Continuing education pathways

• Referrals to advance their soft and hard skills (such as following language classes or vocational trainings)

• Referrals to other services and parallel support for their life-related current challenges (accommodation, health system, nutrition etc).

Also, the programme aims to:

• Offer advocacy strategies related to integration-related issues

• Promote integration to public and private stakeholders


Download the program’s leaflet HERE

Participation/referral information

Open accommodation site of Eleonas: Monday to Friday, 10.00 -16.00,

ECHO HUB Athens, Drossopoulou 29, 11257 Athens, Monday to Friday, 10.00 -16.00.

Accepts beneficiaries by appointment and through referrals.

Tel. communication (and whatsapp): 6988213968, 6988213961, 6985790919

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