Entrepreneurial Skills Pass

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The Entrepreneurial Skills Pass-ESP is an international certification, which seals the fact that students aged 15-19 have real business experience, have acquired the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to start a business or work with success.

General description

  • Practical business experience (through the Virtual Business program or the Social Innovation Competition you are participating in)
  • Assessment of students’ entrepreneurial abilities (through a self-assessment)
  • Examination of business, economic and financial knowledge (at the end of the school year)

ESP platform

The ESP exam (end of school year) and self-assessment are provided FREE of charge via the ESP Web online platform. The ESP Web App is accessed via https://esponline.eu

The self-assessment questionnaire is not a knowledge test for students. The ultimate goal is for students to see their personal skills improve before and after the Virtual Business and/or Social Innovation Competition program. It takes about 30-40 minutes to complete.

The aim of the final exam is to evaluate, validate and certify students’ theoretical & practical knowledge, as well as their skills. Therefore, questions focus on skills with an emphasis on applied understanding and practical scenarios rather than just assessing knowledge of business concepts.

There is a direct link between the business activities students experience through the Virtual Business and/or Social Innovation Competition and the final exam.

Main Features of Final Exam

Number of questions: corresponds to 28 answers

Possible question format: Multiple-choice questions, drop-down menu questions, scaled assessment

Exam format: Self-contained questions and/or questions with a short scenario

Exam duration: 45 minutes


Find out about the details of the Program here.

Τρόπος Παραπομπής/Συμμετοχής

Registration is done exclusively by the teacher in charge and who is responsible for the registration of the participants on the platform, as well as for the definition of the final exam, in consultation with JA Greece.