"Guesthouse Hygeia" for the hospitality and support of families who accompany their hospitalized children in Athens


Since the beginning of its operation, Zeuxis has been listening to the needs of vulnerable groups, especially children, to make a real and measurable difference in their lives. To this end, it created the “Hygeia” guesthouse for families accompanying their hospitalized children in Athens for as long as they have to stay to finalize treatment. The project is implemented with the support of the German organization Kindernothilfe (KNH) and is aimed at foreigners with refugee profile and Greek families.

The fully equipped guesthouse ensures excellent living conditions for all family members in a friendly and safe environment, with a particular focus on their anxieties and fears. In addition to free accommodation, the beneficiaries are offered the possibility to prepare meals, free transportation to the city, financial assistance if they have no other income, and personal hygiene items.

Cooperation with the Social Services of Children’s Hospitals ensures the best possible management of each incident. Besides, experienced and trained staff are by the families’ side throughout their hospitality to provide them with personalized support in multiple ways. The social worker and psychologist offer, among other things, guidance on the family’s communication with hospitals, institutions and public services, accompanying them when necessary, and psychological support to address the daily challenges and demands of the hospitalization period. At the same time, teachers and caregivers undertake the care and creative entertainment of the children staying in the guesthouse by organizing educational and recreational activities.

Participation/referral information

The referral of the beneficiaries to the “Hygeia” Guesthouse is made through the Social Services of Children’s hospitals and referral actors.

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