Training seminars in the specialties "Kitchen Assistant" and "Hotel Services, Housekeeping, Restaurant Assistant"

Stakeholder: APOSTOLI
Type of stakeholder: Non Governmental Organizations

Service last updated on 28-02-2023

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Refugee / immigrant population
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City of Athens

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Aiming to acquire certified skills before the start of peak tourism and job creation, two independent cycles of seminars are held annually in the sections of catering and tourism. The first cycle is implemented during the period of March-April and the second cycle during the period of November-December with a duration of 60 hours per seminar.

The courses are free for the participants and are completed within a short period of twelve (12) days in afternoon hours, three times a week.

The training is carried out as practical training simulating real working conditions at the facility of an acknowledged Private Educational Center (IEK) of Athens.

Since the beginning of the Action at March 2021 to today, a total of forty-seven (47) graduates have acquired new technical skills and at least half have already found employment, improving their living conditions.

Participation/referral information

Those interested can submit their application by email to [email protected]

Phone contact: 213-0184426

Application deadline is Tuesday 06/03/2023

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