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The term service refers to services provided on a consistent basis within the City of Athens by actors with a legal status (NGOs, international organizations, migrant and refugee community groups, municipal bodies/services etc). The provided services are related to migrants' and refugees' needs such as housing, medical support, health care, legal support, education and learning, access to the labor market. 

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Lessons of Greek Language for Adults - Social Spot Neos Kosmos

05 DEC 2017

  Delivering greek and english language courses to refugees  aiming to facilitate everydays'  communication needs . After the successfull completion of the first level it is ...

SolidarityNow - Accommodation Program for refugees and asylum seekers

07 DEC 2017

  Accommodation is provided in independent apartments, shelters and blocks of apartments. Within the framework of accommodation program, Solidarity Now offers psychological support (PSS), legal aid, ...


ΕΤΙΜΑ - Legal assistance to asylum seekers and vulnerable detainees

12 DEC 2017

  Legal assistance to asylum seekers before the administrative authorities-assistance to undocumented people in accessing the asylum procedure-legal assistance to vulnerable detainees.   Για Ελληνικά ακολουθήστε τον σύνδεσμο.  

Humanitarian Initiative Bridges - Providing support for school enrollment

18 DEC 2017

  We provide information on enrolling children at school and we communicate with schools.   Για Ελληνικά ακολουθήστε τον σύνδεσμο.


GCR - Psycho-social support to asylum seekers and refugees

31 DEC 2017

  Within the framework of the Social Unit of the Greek Council for Refugees, teams of specialized professionals work, providing counselling and psychosocial support services to ...

MDM - Open Minds: Promoting Mental Health and Well-being in the Community

01 JAN 2018

  This project aims to address the mental health problems of vulnerable populations by giving them access to mental health and social support services and ensuring ...


City of Athens
The City of Athens provides services without discrimination. The platform does not include all the services provided by the City of Athens. We have included the most suitable services to refugees' and migrants' needs.
The platform does not include all services provided by organizations operating in Athens. The published data have been registered by the platform’s members during the last update.

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