Important information: Since services have undergone significant changes due to protection and prevention measures against the coronavirus pandemic, please be informed here.

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The term service refers to services provided on a consistent basis within the City of Athens by actors with a legal status (NGOs, international organizations, migrant and refugee community groups, municipal bodies/services etc). The provided services are related to migrants' and refugees' needs such as housing, medical support, health care, legal support, education and learning, access to the labor market. 


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Legal Counseling & Cultural Mediation by Generation 2.0 RED

17 APR 2018

With years of experience in intercultural mediation and information on rights, papers, health care and accommodation for immigrants, refugees and young people with migrant origin, ...

Humanitarian Initiative BRIDGES - Referrals to organizations providing housing

18 APR 2018

  Referrals to organizations providing housing.   Για Ελληνικα ακολουθήστε τον σύνδεσμο.  


Humanitarian Initiative BRIDGES - Providing information and facilitating access to public services and hospitals

18 APR 2018

  Providing information and facilitating the issue of AFM, AMKA, OAED card etc. Arranging appointments to public hospitals and co-operating with other organizations for the provision ...

Humanitarian Initiative Bridges - Clothes and First Aid supplies distribution

18 APR 2018

Για ελληνικα ακολουθήστε τον σύνδεσμο.   Clothes and First Aid supplies distribution to sorani and arabic speaking refugees. 


Humanitarian Initiative BRIDGES - Greek language lessons

18 APR 2018

Greek language lessons to arabic speaking refugees.  In suspenssion due to covid Για Ελληνικά ακολουθήστε τον σύνδεσμο.

ELIX - Education for Integration 2

19 APR 2018

  ELIX, supported by UNICEF and funded by the European Commission (DG ECHO), started in October 2017 to implement an educational program for refugee and immigrant ...


City of Athens
The City of Athens provides services without discrimination. The platform does not include all the services provided by the City of Athens. We have included the most suitable services to refugees' and migrants' needs.
The platform does not include all services provided by organizations operating in Athens. The published data have been registered by the platform’s members during the last update.

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