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The term service refers to services provided on a consisten basis within the City of Athens by actors with a legal status (NGOs, international organizations, migrant and refugee community groups, municipal bodies/services etc). The provided services are related to migrants' and refugees' needs such as housing, medical support, health care, legal support, education and learning, access to the labor market. 

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Horizon Girls Center

14 JAN 2019

Faros Horizon Girls Center A safe place where you can discover your worth – and start build a future. From 7 January 2019 we will ...

Greek Language Practise (Spoken)

17 JAN 2019

Echo is a mobile library delivering books in mother tongue languages, language learning resources and educational activities to camps and community centres around Athens.  We loan ...


Legal Aid Services to SGBV survivors in Athens urban area (men, women and LBTQI, adolescents 16+)

18 JAN 2019

Legal Aid Services (including legal representation at court) for female SGBV survivors or women at risk, SGBV case management (escorting, mediating, referrals  to public/local services ...


Shelter for Women Victims of Violence and their children

07 FEB 2019

The “Shelter for Women Victims of Violence & their children” was inaugurated in June 2013. It operates on 24/7 basis, 365 days a year. Specialised ...

Ceramic and watercolor lessons to women

04 APR 2019

The members of the association, Art and Action Network, the ceramist Vicky Lazou and the painter Alma Vysniauskaite, deliver ceramic and watercolor lessons each Sunday ...


City of Athens
The City of Athens provides services without discrimination. The platform does not include all the services provided by the City of Athens. We have included the most suitable services to refugees' and migrants' needs.
The platform does not include all services provided by organizations operating in Athens. The published data have been registered by the platform’s members during the last update.

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