The digital platform has been updated, introducing new features | The platform was successfully presented to municipal employees and central administration bodies

The upgraded platform of the Athens Coordination Center for Migrant and Refugee issues – ACCMR is now officially live, a tool for professionals working together with vulnerable groups of the population, with a focus on refugees and migrants, as well as for all active citizens who want to participate and contribute.

On Wednesday March 1st, on the occasion of its 5 years of operation, the platform was presented to staff of the City of Athens, representatives of the central administration as well as supporters and collaborators of ACCMR. More specifically, the event, held at the City Hall, was attended by 53 people, including heads of departments of the City of Athens as well as administrative staff as well as staff from the Ministries of Migration & Asylum, Education & Religious Affairs and Labor & Social Affairs.

The event was also attended by representatives of the Greek Forum of Migrants and the Greek Forum of Refugees.

The presentation aimed mainly to inform the public sector about the operation of the platform and to strengthen its participation in it.

The new features of the Platform

Based on the experience gained during the 5 years of operation of the digital mapping tool, the platform has been renewed with the aim of enriching the search filters for services and activities in the city, to facilitate agencies and citizens who wish to offer support as well as to strengthen the collection and extraction of useful data.

On the new platform, the user can search in one place for all the Services and Programs of the City of Athens that serve and include refugees and migrants. The visitor can more widely find Services based on the type of organization, the category and subcategory of the service, the municipal district, etc. In addition, it is possible to register Services with and without a physical address.

At the same time, the visitor can search for Activities (events, etc.) on the corresponding page, Manuals and Guides in the Toolbox as well as Offers or Requests for support, such as volunteer support, food, medicine, clothing, etc.

A separate page has now been dedicated to the display of statistics resulting from data registration on the platform, such as the distribution of Services by Category, Municipal District and Type of Actor.

The Special Advisor to the Mayor of Athens for Migrants and Refugees, Melina Daskalaki, stated in this regard:

“The renewed digital platform of the ACCMR makes the search for services easier, putting the needs of professionals working with vulnerable groups of the population at the center. One of the key achievements of the operational hub of the City of Athens for the integration of migrants and refugees is the effective interface between civil society, international organizations, local government and central administration so that refugees and migrants living in Athens enjoy their rights as well as have access to services. The upgraded portal, as an integral tool of the ACCMR, empowers the digital bridge of information and connection between the City, professionals and active citizens, promoting inclusiveness in our city. We invite professionals and Athenians to browse the platform and discover its usefulness.”

* The platform was developed and operates with funding from the International Organization for Migration and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees as part of the support they provide jointly to the Athens Coordination Center for Migrant and Refugee issues.



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Photos from the Presentation of the Platform (March 1, 2023, City Hall)


Credits: Athina Vrakatseli| KEM City of Athens