On Friday 15/12, the first of two workshops organized by the ACCMR, focusing on the development of a preparedness mechanism in a case of emergency, took successfully place at the Orange Grove.

More than 20 representatives from 15 stakeholders, including the municipality, the Reception and Identification Service, NGOs and academia, created practical crisis scenarios for Athens and assessed risk probability for every scenario aiming at setting up a crisis plan on the basis of the agreed scenarios.

In the second phase, participants will define response actions intending to set up an emergency response plan in line with the crisis scenarios. The plan will be accompanied by specific propositions regarding its institutional integration into city’s structures and actions.

 The planning and development of the Preparedness Mechanism is set up at the initiative of the Vice – Mayor for Migrants, Refugees and Municipal Decentralization, under the coordination and supervision of the Athens Coordination Center for Migrant and Refugee issues, with the financial support of the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) and the technical support of the NGO International Rescue Committee (IRC). The Task Force team, which is responsible to prepare the Mechanism, is composed of representatives of the UNHCR, the City of Athens Resilience Office and the Directorate of Social Solidarity and Health.