The collective photo exhibition "Exploring our cities", organized by the International Organization for Migration in the framework of the HELIOS integration project. The exhibition will be hosted different cities that have participated in the initiative. 

38 amateur photographers, Greeks and refugees, participate in the exhibition from 7 different cities of Greece, including students of the Immigrant Integration Center of the Municipality of Athens. 

  • The collective photography exhibition "Exploring our cities" will be hosted in the city of Thessaloniki at the Geni Mosque (Archaeological Museum 30) from 10 to 16 September.
  • The exhibition was hosted in the city of Ioannina at the Exhibition Hall of the Ioannina Municipality Cultural Center (Agias Marinas 55, Ioannina) and will be open to the public with free entry from August 27 to September 02. 

IOM in the framework of the HELIOS Integration Project, and in collaboration with seven (7) Municipalities across Greece and the Cities’ Network for Integration, set off on a photographic journey to the cities of Athens, Heraklion, Ioannina, Katerini, Livadeia, Piraeus, and Thessaloniki. This collective exhibition aspires to initiate a dialogue on the perceptions of city identities and highlight aspects of peaceful coexistence between refugees, migrants, and host communities.

For more information please visit the exhibition’s website: