Refugee.Info service map for migrants and refugees is an interactive tool searchable by category, location or keyword, and is available in English, French, Arabic, Farsi and Urdu. We are connecting with, run by the organizations International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps, to facilitate the dissemination of information.

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The ACCMR platform was based on the successful model of the City of Athens platform, which now counts more than 350 groups of citizens and supporters.  We are becoming thus part of a wide network of civil society organizations and in this way we are expanding the impact of activities related to refugees and migrants.Through our cooperation with synAthina, any activity registered on ACCMR platform can also go public on while both activities and services uploaded on the ACCMR platform can be supported by synAthina’s members. This is a bidirectional process.

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Cooperation Networks

The Athens Coordination Center for Migrant and Refugee issues is building partnerships with local and international stakeholders in order to improve policies and related practices affecting the integration of migrants and refugees at a local level.


EUROCITIES is a network of elected local and municipal governments of major European cities. It offers a platform for sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas, with the main aim to reinforce the role that the local governments should play in a multilevel governance structure.

As a member of the EUROCITIES network, Athens is part of the CITIES GROW project (launched in February 2017, with a duration of 24 months), which is coordinated by EUROCITIES with the support of Migration Policy Group, Migration Work-CIC, and Migration Policy Institute. The CITIES-GroW (integration of migrants through economic activity in cities) project provides practical advice to municipal leaders and decision makers in Europe on how best to address migrant integration challenges and develop effective integration strategies. The project involves 16 European cities which are paired up with the aim to develop mentoring relationships.



The European Coalition of Cities against Racism - ECCAR

ECCAR is an initiative launched by UNESCO (2004), to establish a network of cities interested in sharing experiences in order to improve their policies to fight racism, discrimination and xenophobia. Athens is part of the ECCAR network, and exchanges best practices with other European cities in:

- Fighting racism and discrimination at a municipal level, promoting human rights and respect for diversity.
- Sensitizing the European public to the values of a solidarity-based society and motivating the public to promote equality and to counteract with determination any racist or discriminatory opinion and behavior.




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