International Organization for Migration

International Organization for Migration


The Organization was founded in December 1951 and started operating in early 1952 as the Intergovernmental Committee for Migration in Europe (ICEM). In 2016 the agreement for the inclusion of the International Organization for Migration in the UN was signed, rendering IOM as the world’s leading organization for migration in the United Nations. As a founding member of the International Organization for Migration, IOM Greece has a long history of close collaboration with the Greek Government and civil society, for the assistance and support of migrants.

During the recent migration and refugee crisis, IOM has further reinforced its presence in Greece, in collaboration with an assortment of donors and the Greek authorities regarding the management of the influx in the islands, as well as in the mainland. IOM’s interventions are focused on a wide range of activities, including accommodation and transportation, on top of issues involving protection.

IOM is committed to the principle that both migrants and the society can benefit from humane and normal conditions of migration. IOM implements projects aiming for the successful social and occupational integration of migrants, the fight against racism and xenophobia in the Greek society, the fight against human trafficking, as well as providing the possibility for voluntary return. Additionally, IOM participates in the EU’s Relocation Program as an implementing partner while being the coordinating authority in eight (8) open hospitality centers in the mainland.

As the leading international organization for migration, IOM acts along with partners in the international community in the interests of safety and dignity of migrants for:

· Overcoming the ever increasing operational challenges for the management of migration.

· The timely awareness of issues regarding migration.

· The encouragement for social and economic development through migration.