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Nearly 2,300,000 people in Greece today live below the poverty line, so they face enormous difficulties in meeting their basic needs, including their medication needs. The paradox is that at the same time about 34,000,000 boxes of drugs are not used, expired and thrown into the trash every year. Also, large quantities of medicines are withdrawn from the market by pharmaceutical companies due to the short expiration dates and are destroyed, while their value as a social good is nullified. That is to say, on the one hand, there is limited access to medicine for a large portion of the population and on the other hand, a huge amount of drugs results in the trash.

GIVMED Share medicine Share life is the drug donation network that was born in March 2016 to bridge that gap. Since then we have been supporting socially vulnerable groups such as persons in need, the elderly, children, refugees, the mentally ill etc. and we have offered a total of 58,197 boxes of drugs, worth € 536,909 through a network of 171 public donation points (social pharmacies, geriatrics, non-profit organizations offering health services among others).

The purpose of the organization is twofold:

1. Awareness and mobilization of citizens, institutions, and companies about the problem of over-the-counter medicines, while there are so many people who cannot meet their needs for medicines.

2. The precise and effective linkage of donated medicines - by the general population and pharmaceutical companies - to the medicinal needs of socially vulnerable groups (stakeholders).

To meet the above purpose, GIVMED carries out information campaigns and coordinates donations of technology through technology (website, application for citizens and public services).

In its 3 years of operation, GIVMED has won European Innovation Awards, collaborating with major institutions such as IFET, the Athens Medical School, the National Bank of Greece, the TIMA Public Benefit Foundation, the John Initi Public Benefit Foundation, The Hellenic Initiative Hellenic S. , the Vodafone Foundation, among others, and has been promoted to major media in Greece and abroad (BBC, ERT, ALPHA, Kathimerini, ETHNOS).

More about our work on our website and on the BBC World Hacks video (here).

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