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La communauté ivoirienne de la Grèce - Ιβοριανή Κοινότητα Ελλάδας

La communauté ivoirienne de la Grèce (Ιβοριανή Κοινότητα Ελλάδας, abbreviation C.I.G) is a community organization registered in Greece. C.I.G was registered in 2018 by virtue of the Athens Court Decision No. 536/2018. C.I.G was registered in June 2019 under Ministry of Migration Policy Decision 6452 / 27-6-19. Currently we are 7 board members who are volunteers and as of October 2019, we have 107 registered members. 
C.I.G is a community of refugees and migrants from the Ivory Coast living in Greece. Our vision is to contribute to building a society in which migrants and refugees have equal rights, enjoy fair treatment and interact and co-operate with Greek citizens in terms of mutual respect. We believe that diversity is a source of growth and progress for all people living in Greece and we are dedicated to actively shaping this process through our community activities and engagement with local population and initiatives. We are a community organization that does not have direct or indirect political motives and promoting cooperation with other associations pursuing political aims is prohibited.
Due do political unrest and high rates of abuse of women over the last years more people fled their home country Ivory Coast and have arrived in Greece as asylum seekers.Therefore, the community of Ivorians in Greece has been growing steadily since 2010. We have created our association to support these people in building their lives in Greece and providing a safe space for social-cultural integration. 
Our goals as an association are to:
-create a culture of open and engaged communication and building solidary relations between members of the Association and the Greek society.
-promote the harmonious socio-economic integration of Ivorian nationals into Greek society.
-Strengthen the community of Ivorians living and working in Greece in building independent and self-determined lives.
The Association seeks to achieve its objectives by:
I. Organization of offices and social clubs to facilitate communication between members.
II. Organization of talks and conferences to provide informative content around topics of everyday life in Greece including administrative/bureaucratic procedures, labour market access, education and social inclusion.
III. Organization of seminars and training centres.
IV. Organization of educational workshops and cultural events.
V. Hosting public performances to promote the visibility of our members.
VI. Establish collaborations with large associations and public authorities to promote the interests of members.
Since December 2018, we organized several activities, such as Christmas holiday tree for children and gift ceremony in December and beach party together with other African communities. We have financed these events with our own resources through our membership fees. We also organized and participated in several activities with different communities and NGOs in Greece such as SCI Hellas, Greek Forum of Refugees etc.

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