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Local Alliance for Integration - LION


The LION project, which is funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (2014-2020), with a duration of 24 months, implements its activities in the city of Thessaloniki. The project aims at promoting the active participation of TCNs in important aspects of community and societal life and enhancing the capacities of local authorities, in order to effectively address factors that lead to marginalisation and socio-economic exclusion of TCNs.

The project is geared towards creating a platform, where consultations and info days in five key domains (i.e. formal education, healthcare, social care, employment, and intercultural coexistence) between actors from local society and TCNs take place. This platform enables both groups to exchange opinions, and share experiences and practices. In doing so, it on the one hand establishes strong relationships and strengthen common activities, and on the other hand, they become the voice into the “Immigrant Integration Councils” which operate since 2010 in Greece.

Necessary capacity building activities also take place, such as trainings and workshops for police officers, hospital staff, frontline practitioners and teachers and “ Get to know my City” and “Get to know the people of my city” activities, so as to prepare the ground for a fruitful cooperation between TCNs and local stakeholders, reaching a common goal; namely, integration.

The project is disseminating information on its activities and results on Twitter, Facebook and its web site. All these activities and actions were prepared and designed in line with the findings of a thorough research on best practices at EU and National level conducted during the first phase of the project.

The LION project brings together six partners from two EU countries (Greece and Belgium): The National School of Public Health (Greece) which coordinates the programme, the University of Gent (Belgium), PRAKSIS NGO, the European Public Law Organization (EPLO), the Consulting Company CMT- Prooptiki and Syn-Eirmos NGO.


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