Activity fields

Emantes- International Lgbtqia+ Solidarity

The Social Cooperative Enterprise Emantes was founded in July 2018 by active members of the “Lgbtqia+ Refugees Welcome” collective in collaboration with migration and refugee experts. All  the members of Emantes team have previously been, and still are, long term volunteers in refugee focused solidarity groups and some are also involved in feminist groups. Emantes' team includes also cultural mediators.

Emantes has two basic objectives: psychosocial support for lgbtqi+ refugees and migrants and raising awareness about the lgbtqi+ community as well as refugees’/ migrants’ issues.

Emantes applies a case by case approach and in collaboration with the persons concerned, an action plan is formed. A social history is being taken and then an according to needs and desires support follows, whether by providing the services directly or by referring to other providers.

The psychosocial support includes legal advice, psychological support and housing for lgbtqi+ refugees. For these services Emantes refers people to certain organisations accordingly. Fresh food (fruits, vegetables, meat) is being distributed by Emantes. This particular service is provided under certain terms and requirements and always in cooperation with the persons concerned. The costs for laser face treatment for trans women is covered fully by Emantes. The costs for hormonotherapy for trans persons is covered partially by Emantes. Lgbtqi+ refugees/migrants receive also updates (in their mother tongue if needed) about educational opportunities (languages, skills development) that take place in friendly and safe spaces. Emantes is responsible for communicating these opportunities on time. One of Emantes’ aspirations is to be able to offer job positions to lgbtqi+ refugees/migrants based on their skills. This would be also Emantes’ response to the discrimination that lgbtqi+ refugees/migrants face in the labor market.

In regard to the awareness field, Emantes participates in events, conferences, seminars and focus groups that deal with lgbtqi+ and refugees’/migrants’ issues. Lastly, Emantes collaborates also with organisations from abroad by facilitating projects that aim to the empowerment, development and inclusion of lgbtqi+ refugees/migrants that currently reside in Athens.  

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