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Odyssea’s vision is to democratize access to innovation and knowledge, to enable self reliance and accelerate efforts towards a more inclusive society.

 Our mission is to bridge global and local resources in open innovation, vocational education, participatory design services and entrepreneurship, with and for excluded communities.

 Odyssea is a Greek non-profit organisation founded in early 2016 by Jai Mexis and composed of a dynamic group of social entrepreneurs, architects, engineers, finance experts working together to develop innovative models and solutions to systemic social issues. Odyssea aims to promote a balanced interaction between excluded host and guest communities through targeted education leading to new roles in the future labour market.

Odyssea’s FabLab for social innovation, AstroLab has been supported by Dr. Evan Malone, Founder of NextFab and NextFab Foundation, as well as, the Ascend initiative. Odyssea is also part of RoW, a network of social entrepreneurs operating through a decentralized governance structure, united by a common theory of change.

This is what we do today:

  1. Design. We use design, architecture and the creation of social enterprises as tools for relieving poverty and transforming the quality of people’s lives. Only 5% of our built environment in the world is planned, the rest 95% is unplanned or informal. In Odyssea we aim to serve adequately communities and groups that do not have access to design services. We include means of participatory design to support social change and empower people.
  2. Employ. Odyssea focuses on providing solutions in the complex capital driven societies, that can address more effectively the serious integration challenges vulnerable groups face today around the globe. In a local level Odyssea aims to form models of successful enhancements that improve the employment opportunities of such populations while ensures successful development of partner companies through an adequate to their needs human capital.
  3. Train. Odyssea through AstroLab program offers intensive educational courses that can boost creativity and community engagement while they help participants develop valuable skills for their professional career. Odyssea’s educational courses are shaped upon the market needs to reinforce our beneficiaries professional absorption. Ultimate goal of Odyssea’s training programs is employment generation in Greece.
  4. Give. We offer new approaches and values, provide help to navigate societal life away from the destructiveness of austerity, constant economic growth resulting to ever growing inequality, and cynical apathy.Through self-organization and collaboration we work towards activating more citizens. Reappropriating the label of solidarity by increasing critical ability, reducing prejudice, building tolerance, and promoting through all our actions an openness to diversity.

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