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In a Glance

The charity organization APOSTOLI of the Archdiocese of Athens was founded in 2010 as a non-profit civil society organization with national and international scope, mainly active in the humanitarian and developmental field. It aims to systematically and dynamically participate in projects with both a humanitarian and a developmental dimension, focusing on the areas of social care, cohesion and welfare, health, culture, environment and education in Greece and the world by providing services to more than 225,000 people per month.

Programs & Actions

Its humanitarian programs in Greece, on the one hand, encounter the challenge of rising poverty touching people experiencing poverty or living below the poverty line. On a monthly basis, the following programs of APOSTOLI serve 212,982 people: Food distribution, Social Markets, Distribution of food parcels to: (1) large families, (2) socially sensitive families, (3) students, elderly, soldiers, Material and Operational Support Programs for charity institutions, such as foundations, hospitals and professional cooperatives.

On the other hand, the programs encounter  lack of health care and prevention in cooperation with the Athens Medical Association by providing medical care and pharmaceutical support to 1,171 people per month through the Social Clinic and the 2 Social Pharmacies.

APOSTOLI has also nine mental health structures, such as a Boarding School, Protected Apartment, Day Centers and Mobile Mental Health Units, as well as hospitality, research and treatment structures for Alzheimer's disease and dementia, hospitality and psychosocial support for people with intelectual disability and Down syndrome, as well as reception and social integration of underage refugees. Through these structures APOSTOLI served 1,216 people per month.

At the same time, APOSTOLI  is active in the field of education through the systematic provision of Greek language courses and cultural activities to migrants, the operation of a Model Nursery School in Dilessi, Viotia, two Centers for the Creative Employment of Children in Moschato, Attica and Ioannina, and a Social Tutorial. From 2011 through ESTIA Shelter, APOSTOLI has offered reception, hospitality and integration services to more than 400 unaccompanied minor refugees.

At the same time, since 2016 it offers programs of non-formal education and psychosocial support to refugee children and their parents in refugee accommodation structures in Agios Andreas and Rafina, Attica as well as in Athens, Thiva and Ioannina. Over 2,600 children and 650 adults have participated in specific Greek, English, Enhanced Teaching, Social Skills and Life Skills programs.

Contributing to European and national anti-unemployment policy, APOSTOLI has actively participated in projects to promote employment and social entrepreneurship. 

Its international actions and programs in developing countries are being carried out in collaboration with local Orthodox Church Metropolises and international organizations and institutions and address programs to meet the immediate needs of populations affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, floods, conflicts or war.


Socially vulnerable people and families threatened by poverty, young people, children, unemployed and uninsured, refugees and migrants. The aforementioned numbers refer to unique individuals per month.

The support of APOSTOLI is offered on the sole criterion of the real and certified need, without discrimination or exclusion  of any form or origin.

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