Activity fields


The aim of the Forum is to create a Panhellenic network of individuals, legal professionals and communities, working to support asylum seekers, political refugees and stateless persons, as well as any others who may meet the criteria set by the Convention of Geneva and the protocols attached to it, or the Greek framework for the protection. The pivotal role of the Association, founded on democratic principles, has the aforementioned population, through organized forms of its expression:

  • The solidarity and support for the aforementioned population,
  • Unity and self organization of actions, in order to integrate and participation in the Greek society.
  • The development of relations of cooperation and solidarity between the organizations and the communitiesof these population.
  • The effort to solve the problems at both individual and collective levels.
  • The contribution in the amelioration of asylum policies in both Greece and the Europe and the claim of the population’s participation in discussions that concern it.

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