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Aeiforum is an NGO located in Piraeus-Athens Greece. We are specializing in In-Service Training Courses for teachers of Primary and Secondary Education.

In summary, the NGO Aeiforum has as its main objectives to:

  1. Promote sustainability and sustainable development, in order to take advantage of this th current and future generations, without affecting the capacity of the global environment.
  2. Improve the quality of human life, regardless of gender, social class, economic status or educational level.
  3. Promote Education for Sustainable Development (Sustainability) (ESD) in schools, Local Governments and the society as a whole.
  4. Collaborate with schools, universities, technology institutes and other educational institutions, to promote sustainable development, innovation, saving resources and protecting the environment in general.
  5. Promote educational and technological innovations that can improve the quality of human life and quality - environmental status.
  6. Update awareness on consumption, health education, hygiene and safety.
  7. Support people at the margins of social and economic life.
  8. Promote the dialogue between cultures, religions and ideas in order to shape a world more peaceful, more tolerant, and safer for everyone, most promising for present and future generations.
  9. Promote the abolition of an discrimination among humans.
  10. Promote volunteering.
  11. Promote cooperation and solidarity among environmental - ecological, educational and cultural organizations.

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