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Melissa: Network of Migrant Women in Greece

Melissa is a network for migrant women living in Athens, Greece. It aims to strengthen their bonds, to build a bridge of communication with the host society to promote empowerment and active citizenship. Founded in September 2014 with the direct involvement of migrant women leaders, it is targeting women from over 45 countries, who live and work in Greece. It operates on the basis of a common platform, a hub where networks and individuals can meet, share their concerns and ideas, and support each other in the pursuit of their common goals.

It focuses on seven strands of activities to fulfill community-building goals for integration:

1. Literacy: Greek and English classes at different levels, French, German, Spanish classes

2. Psycho-social support: Group sessions, individual counseling, psycho-drama, art therapy, narrative exposure treatment, music movement therapies

3. Information & referrals: Information sessions and trainings on legal rights and counseling, reproductive health, gender-based violence, social rights, labor rights, and many others.

4. Advocacy support: Advocacy workshops, media use workshops, interview trainings, public speaking and social media use, as well as workshops on creative writing and personal narratives.

5. Art & creativity: Visual arts, film and digital story-telling, photography, poetry, music, crafts and community art workshops frequently.

6. Skills & capacity building: Vocational, cooperative, leadership trainings, IT and coding trainings, cv writing workshops, cooking, crafts and sewing.

The aim is to gather migrant women and listen to their voices. All activities are scheduled  and selected to open communication channels and promote integration. Their empowerment will not only strengthen their own conditions and improve the conditions of their children and their wider ethnic communities but will contribute to overall social cohesion.



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