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I AM YOU is a grassroots organisation providing Education, Youth Activities, Vital Access to Healthcare (‘Lifelines’) and Income-Generating Opportunities for Women in Ritsona, Greece. We believe in humanity and that there is a better way to do things. 

Our mission is to better serve displaced populations and fight prejudice, by putting our common humanity first.  We aim to fulfil our mission to Greece by providing 3 key services.

1. Education. 

We provide education for all ages across all subjects. We have pre-school facilities, teaching the mother tongue to primary school teachers, sports activities, arts and music activities for young adults, computer classes and a lot of language classes. We also wish to expand the process of developing safer spaces for the under 18s where various activities can be developed and formed. 

2. Transport: 

We aim to provide clear transport services to the Greek Medical Healthcare system and ensure their medical information is captured. This means taking non-medical emergencies for appointments and if required an emergency situation if an ambulance is taking too long and the person injured is able. We also have increased transport options for refugee living in the camp to Athens. This is a subsidised solution from our income project. 

3. Income Project: The Welcome Project

We want to increase the income that refugee women have available to them and instead of just giving them products. We have therefore created a weaving program and we sell the mats for profit. The proceeds are given to the women who work making the products and also back into the community to improve the running of the community. I AM YOU wishes to focus on female empowerment as they are a vulnerable population within the refugee context. 

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