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ELIX (former PEEP) was founded in 1987 after personal initiative of mrs Eleni Gazi. Her contribution in an international Voluntary Work program in Spain motivated her to constitute the organization, so that the chance is given to more people to live a similar experience, aiming the greater promotion of Voluntary Service.

 In 2007, the Non Governmental Organisation ELIX – PEEP completed 20 years of active participation with actions in all Greece and abroad. On the 11th of May, as part of this celebration, the organization PEEP acquired a new name, ELIX, as well as its new Corporate Identity.

The new name and the realisation of new actions are part of a development which still keeps its main aim the contribution in the personal development of the person and his evolution as citizen of the world through his active participation in public life.

From the founding of the organization, in 1987, till 2007, 284 voluntary work programs were organized in 104 areas of Greece. More than 5.200 young people participated in workcamps in Greece and abroad.


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